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As today that I have been able to make peace with my fears, I want to be of help and share my passion for metamorphosis in order to inspire that a transformation is possible.

Not so long ago I would have never been able to think about the person that I became today. My life was fulfilled with fears, stress and angriness and I was thinking that I didn't had the control to reverse what was happening to me. My feelings were often nourishing other people suffering and most of my romantic relationships were leading me to chaos. Even if deep inside of my heart a ray of light was always sparkling, I couldn't refrain some destructive behaviors to repeat again and again.

Through my work and with the support of some incredible healers, chamans and therapists, I managed to appreciate that I was not separate from other beings. I started to realize that my fears where only real in my mind and that as we are all part of one universal consciousness, there is no mistake in everything that I could experience and actually nothing to be sad or angry about.

This metamorphosis has bring me so much peace that I could never imagined it could be possible to experiment such a feeling.

I feel that if I have been able to free myself from my fears and my suffering, then everyone else can too. And this is what drives me today, I want to share my journey, my learnings, the techniques that I have benefit from, and everything that helped me to reconnect with my true nature in order to inspire and support as many as possible in their own transformation.

We are the eyes of the cosmos.

When we look deeply into somebody's eyes, we're looking deep into ourselves.

Alan Watts

My method is mainly based on Transactional Analysis (TA), a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy where social transactions are analyzed to determine the ego state of the communicator as a basis for understanding behavior. In this method, the communicator is taught to alter the ego state as a way to solve emotional problems.

I found Transactional Analysis particularly interesting in transformation because it consider that everyone has the capacity to observe and think, and that as we decide our story and destiny, therefore our decisions can be modified. It also consider (as the WHO confirms it), that all emotional difficulties are curable.

Transactional Analysis deviates from Freudian psychoanalysis which focuses on increasing awareness of the contents of subconsciously held ideas. Eric Berne developed the concept and paradigm of transactional analysis in the late 50s.

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I believe that what's happening in the world today is only a reflection of the inner psychic pollution of hundreds millions people. I consider mental health as the most urgent situation to solve if we want to ensure a brighter futur for our the next generations.

My mission is to support people in their transformation to free themselves from their fears and pain. It is something that really brings me a lot of happiness.

With Noös, I also wanted to help all the people that decided to support the global awakening by giving them digital tools to optimize and enhance their positive impact.

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