The Ultimate Masterclass to Free Yourself from your Limitations

Guided by Antoine Sepulchre


Why do I offer this masterclass for free?

As I benefited from the guidance and support of mentors, friends, therapists, shamans, and other incredible humans that have seen the light inside of me, sometimes even before that I could see it myself, I wanted to give back through this program and make it available to everyone for free.

If you are sincere about your transformation, I am happily offering you a 30min introduction session to help you start the program.

Later on if you want me to be your transformation Sherpa, I can support you on your journey against a fair fee.

I admire your courage, you can be proud of you!

With Love.

A Momentum of Awakening occurs when we found ourselves at a crossroads, having to make a choice for a life that probably has come to an end and a new life that had not yet reveled itself. At this point we may feel lost and deeply alone.

Those pivotal moments most often happens while we find ourselves in pain or fears, hurts, afraid, confused, without a roadmap. They represents an unexpected opportunity for transformation.

Most of us spend our lives operating from under our real potential, although it is completely possible for everyone to rise up to the highest ones . This is where the 'Remember What You Are' program comes into play. First, it helps you understand your limitless creative power. Then, it gives you the tools and insights to rise up.

I invite you to listen to those few words for Alan Watts :

If that resonates with you, and you feel that you too are reading to wake up, then you're at the right place and this program will provide you with the tools to accelerate your transformation.

And if you are really sincere about waking up, I will be more than happy to gift you with a 30 minutes free introduction call to help you to setup your transformational journey.

What we will get through during those 8 weeks :

Wake up, grow up, clean up, show up!

For a caterpillar to become a butterfly, it must forget it was a caterpillar at all.

The program consist of the 'Four Steps of Awakening' and each one include two chapters and specific workshops. This approach is based on Ken Wilber 'The Human Odissey' and his 'The Twelve Stages of Life' philosophy.

Part I - Awakening the Giant within
1. Wake up
Become - Session 1
Who I am ?
Session 1
  • Holistic Breaking Down
  • Reviewing Your Beliefs
Become- Session 2
Smoke & Mirrors
Session 2
  • Accept that You Are Human
Part II - The Call to Adventure
Become - Session 3
Session 3
  • Creating a Safe Place
  • Understanding my Vulnerability
  • Transforming my Fears into Strengths
Become - Session 4
The Source
Session 4
  • The Secret
  • Connecting to What I Am
  • The Power of Kundalini
Part III - Crossing the Threshold
Become - Session 5
Fear & Love
Session 5
  • Understanding Ego
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • Non-dualism
Become - Session 6
Session 6
  • Learning to Let Go
  • Accept What it Is
  • Identifying and Eliminating Excuses
Part IV - Return with the Elixir
Become - Session 7
My Gift
Session 7
  • Understanding Your Values
  • Discover your Ikigai
  • Integrating your Passion into Your Life
  • Creating your Personal Mission Statement
Become - Session 8
Session 8
  • Growth Mindset Visualization
  • Boost your Confidence
What you will learn

1. Connect with your divine self

Uncover a deep awareness of who you really are so you can fall in love with your authentic self everyday.

2. Amplified Intuition

You will learn how to listen and trust your gut feelings, so you’re always guiding yourself towards the best choices and decisions. Uncertainty and self-doubt will become distant memories for you.

3. Greater Confidence

you’ll develop a sense of clarity of purpose and connection to the Universe itself - which in turn fills you with confidence to achieve and grow in extraordinary ways. The thought of failure will no longer hold you back.

4. Emotional agility

Develop a unique process that allows you to defeat stress, anxiety and depression and puts you in control of your emotions.

5. Greater Self-Love

Uncover, conquer, and tick away the small yet pivotal milestones towards self-acceptance, self-liberation, and authentic living.

6. Clarity of Purpose

Through the '13 Soul Families' tools, you’ll gain a crystal-clear vision of your unique purpose, and how to design an inspiring life that’s in perfect alignment with it. Thoughts like “is this the right path for me?” will no longer be an issue.

7. Accelerated Goal Achievement

Whether it’s a change you want to see in the world, a problem you want to solve, or even an illness you want to recover from - you’ll discover how to turn your thoughts into reality at an accelerated pace.

8. Self-Acceptance

Begin to accept all the nuanced dimensions of you, be it the light or the dark side of your personality.

9. Deeper Compassion

You will learn how to no longer divide or judge people based on religion, culture, or race. To you, every person regardless of belief or background will be part of the same collective consciousness.

10. True Forgiveness

You will discover how to rise above petty differences and misunderstandings, and practice true, authentic forgiveness - both for yourself and others. Your relationships will dramatically improve as a result.

Your Transformation Journal

The program includes your Transformation Journal. A unique 240 pages journal of exercices and questions that will help you navigate through the various steps of the programs.

I really encourage you to write down your thoughts on paper instead of doing it digitally. You can download the book for free and print it yourself or you can also order it online here for a fair price.

Why work with me ?

Hello! I'm Antoine Sepulchre. I am a serial entrepreneur (I started my first venture at age 14) and professional transformation facilitator. He is an exceptional guide for your journey as his methodology is based from his unique personal experience.

I have been supporting people in their transformation and organizing life changing experiences for more than a decade.

My method is mainly based on Transactional Analysis (TA), a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy where social transactions are analyzed to determine the ego state of the communicator as a basis for understanding behavior.

Through my very unique life journey I had the privilege to receive the trust from many hundreds people who opened up about their emotions and struggles. As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I have been using my super empath skill as a super power way before I could even be conscious of it and I believe this is part my Gift.

Having being able to listen to so many stories has been the beginning of my passion for supporting people to free themselves from the beliefs that creates and nourish their emotional sufferings and fears.

What you will get with this program

This program is 100% free. You can access all the videos, content, exercices and other recommandations just by signing up and creating an account on this platform.

8 Videos Guidance Sessions with Antoine Sepulchre. Benefit from the expert guidance and key takeaways from each workshop to support your transformation. Every week, Antoine will review with you the sessions and help you to find the keys to your transformation inside of yourself. If you should prefer to have personalized One-on-One sessions with Antoine instead of pre-recorded videos, please have a look here.

20+ Practical Exercices. Your Transformation Journal included includes many practical exercices that will help you apply your key takeaways quickly and consistently.

Weekly Challenges. You'll implement what you learn at the end of each week. Then you will revisit those efforts at the beginning of the next week to make sure that your new goals become part of your lifestyle.

Unlimited Access to our Media Content. During the program, you will receive materials and suggestion to help you moving forward in your transformation. Books, articles, podcasts, videos and movies, music, tarot cards.


This program goal is to support your ultimate transformation and allow you to discover what you are. This will allow you to find your true meaning and purpose, and envision your life with a all new perspective and understanding.

In order to get the best of this experience, I will expect you to be committed to it. And in order to achieve such transformational goals in such a short time, it goes without saying that it will require a very serious commitment from your side.

45 minutes per day for the next 8 weeks for your morning practice that will include: 10 minutes meditation, 30 minutes for your transformation journal, 5 minutes for an inspirational video or podcast. I recommend to take one day off at the end of each workshops.

1 hours per week for the next 8 weeks for your weekly session with your transformation facilitator Antoine Sepulchre.

Dedicated lifestyle for the next 8 weeks. In order to get the best of your transformation, we recommend a healthy diet, no alcohol, no tobacco and no drugs during the time of the program.

Daily cold shower. Get ready to push your limits. The daily cold shower is part of the morning routine of this transformational program.

One-on-One Support

You prefer to receive a direct support from Antoine ?

Antoine offers you this unique package :

8 Videos Guidance Sessions with Antoine Sepulchre. Every week, Antoine will review with you the sessions and help you to find the keys to your transformation inside of yourself through a 90 minute One-on-One video session.

Your Transformation Journal. Receive your own transformation journal at home.

8 Books to read. Every week receive a paper book to read at home.

1 Integration Session. Two or three weeks after the program, at your best convenience and when you will feel ready for it, Antoine will offer you a 90 minute One-on-One video session to follow-up and answer your questions.

25% off on Additional Sessions. Even though the program is specifically designed for you to be able to fly on your own after the 8 weeks, you would like to continue with some additional sessions with Antoine Sepulchre?
With this program package you will receive 20% off on all additional One-on-One Sessions. (180€ for each sessions instead of 240€)

Are your ready to become the Alchemist of your own life ?

Value of the program : 2.800 €

Your exclusive price today : 2.222 € (The number 222 is a symbol of good things to come)

This price doesn't include the Belgian VAT (21%). We can provide you with an invoice for your company if needed.

"The program was exactly what was missing for me to move on to the next stage of my transformation! I'm so grateful for Antoine's time and patience."

Vadim, 41, Los Angeles

"Thank you Antoine. You are such a unique person, an angel sent by a dear common friend to support me when I needed it the most. I have no words to to explain how powerful your masterclass has been to me. I feel so free today."

Sarah, WEF Young Global Leader

"Those 8 weeks transformed into 6 months but time doesn't matter. It's a life journey at the end.
The course radically shifted my perception of myself, life, and the World. When people ask what happened to me I can only explain that the only way is to experience it. It can't be explained...
Thank you Brother."

Viktor, 52, Philantropist

Program Library

Here are some book that I recommend for this Program

God and Love on Route 80
Stephen G. Post
A New Earth
Eckart Tolle
Emotional Agility
Susan David
Become What You Are
Alan Watts
The Four Agreements
The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
Recapture the Rapture
Jamie Wheal
The Hero's Journey
Joseph Campbell
Atomic Habits
James Clear
Homo Deus
Yuval Noah Harari
It Didn's Start With You
Mark Wolynn
God and Love on Route 80
Stephen G. Post
Transform Your Pains And Fears Into Wisdom
A Deep Dive With Your True Self
About me
Remember who you are
The Key